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你的快乐是哪种颜色… July 30, 2007

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快乐颜色黄色  个性:在欢笑与泪水中寻找平衡

拥有太阳般黄金灵魂的人,就像社交圈或朋友眼中的小太阳,擅长制造欢笑与眼泪的你总是会在适当的时候让众人抛开烦恼、展露出笑靥;不过,在欢笑 的背后,拥有黄色灵魂的人总是会有那么一点点蠢蠢欲动,和不愿意被大众淹没的不安成分,有时,太多聪明的你往往是众人眼中的狡辩高手,或是有着太多抱怨与 焦虑的愤青,这些特质在黄色灵魂者的身上,往往是相互相存的哟!




Life continues and go on … July 19, 2007

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Back to blogging … Lately met up with my bestizes and crab cutter for Japanese Buffet hahahaha a fun and enjoyable dinner with them

Went to watch Harry Potter movie … is a nice movie, the storyline is interesting but I heard that the storyline for the movie is quite different from the actual book hahahaha never read the books before just go for the movie

Rush Hour 3 is coming soon I want to catch that movie …. August 1st will be meeting my bestizes and crab cutter for settlers… Next week will be going back to Republic Polytechnic to collect my IOP

Will be busy tomorrow and Saturday. Tomorrow will be meeting up with my friend cos we postpone the day to meet … Saturday meeting my cousins for a day out.. Lunch , photo session and maybe some shopping to be done by Lena hahahahaha she will be reading this I think she will kill me laughs …

Will blog more soon …. End here for now Tata


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”


Different Kinds of Balloons expressions … July 18, 2007

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Glowing Flower … Feeling Soft

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Feeling Soft ……..


Toliet High Drive …. HaHaHaHa July 16, 2007

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If Condoms Had Corporate Sponsors… July 15, 2007

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What Diet Are You On ???

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